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Water Today Title December 3, 2021

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A Precautionary BWA was issued on Sept. 19, 2019 for parts of the Village of Carmangay, AB following an issue with a pump that caused depressurization of a community water line.

Affected households were notified by mail, including J. Chong on Truman Street. The water advisory was lifted about a week and a half later, WaterToday learned, though the homeowner was unsure of the exact date.

“I boil my water anyway”, WaterToday heard, as a faster way to dissipate the chlorine, and for peace of mind.

K. Barski lives on Elmore Street, and reports that the household was unaware of the BWA until a couple of days after it was lifted. “My water never did go off. I guess some people were affected, but not for long.

I think people are pretty diligent in this province, to get things resolved”, says Barski. Even though the town water supply has been reestablished as safe for consumption, Barksi doesn’t drink it.

“To me it smells swampy and I don’t like the chlorine. Some residents drink it, but I only use it for showering, washing clothes. I filter the water I use for cooking and I drink bottled water, because I am picky, I guess.”

Alberta Health Services reminds the public to exercise caution with personal hygiene during a boil water advisory. From the AHS website, it is safe for adults and older children to shower during an active boil water advisory, but small children and infants should be sponge bathed to ensure that they do not swallow the water. Likewise, anyone with open wounds is advised to avoid contact with untreated water during an active BWA.


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