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Water Today Title October 25, 2021
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Do not Consume issued to ¨¨École Jean-Chapais in St-Denis-de-la-Bouteillerie, QC

Water Security
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Poll shows 8 out of 10 British Columbians see freshwater as first priority: the Real Estate Foundation invests accordingly Full article ➤

Water Security: Community-Based Engagement and Action Full article ➤

Water Advisories

Advisory wrap-up
There were 19 new advisories issued since yesterday: 3 in SK, 6 in QC, 2 in ON, 1 in BC, 1 in MB, 4 in NS, 2 in AB.

In Nova Scotia, 2 BWAs were issued to Provincial Wildlife Park, one to the park and the other, to Park Attractions/Education (Colchester County). BWAs were also issued to Hunts Point Market and Cafe (Queens) and to My Grandfather's Farm (Pictou). Previously issued BWAs were lifted for Imeldas Catering and Whispering Waves Cottages. Nova Scotia Advisory Map Full report

Most recent advisories
Full list

Cleantech IPO

Watch for this Canadian Clean-Tech IPO From the Lab Bench at Queen’s University Full article ➤

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Boil Water      Do Not Consume      Water Shortage      Cyanobacteria Bloom

Numbers indicate the amount of advisories in each province
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

WT Latest

WT Report on Drinking Water in Canada's 50 largest cities.
Our first reports:

TORONTO - The Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Strategy, approved in 2011, has significantly reduced lead exceedance in recent years.

OTTAWA - In 2020, The city launched its Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel, to protect the health of the Ottawa River.

Are Wildfire Smoke Fumes Impacting Oceans?
Researchers are beginning to understand the atmospheric inputs of dissolved black carbon to coastal ecosystems impacted directly by wildfire.

Joint NASA, NOAA Study finds Earth’s Energy Imbalance has doubled since 2005

WT Tech
Towards a more sustainable water/energy nexus.

Start-up Aquaterrex locates water where others say “no water exists”

Niche start-up Norsepower reduces environmental impact of shipping

Straightline Airships Environment-friendly commercial aviation that requires no roads or airports

Lift-off 2023! Nova Scotia community rallies around first low orbit launch site in Canada.

WT Rez

The long-standing lack of clean drinking water and wastewater facilities in Indigenous communities has left an indelible stain on Canada's flag. For years successive government have pledged to fix the problem, yet today there are 45 long-term and 28 short-term advisories in Indigenous communities across the country. While 109 long-term advisories have been lifted, 45 remain in 32 communities, and the number of short-term advisories has been climbing in recent months, with short-term advisories regularly recurring in the same communities. Band Councils say government initiatives suffer from a lack of holistic approach, unprofessional consultants or engineers and poor funding for operators and related infrastructure.
Short-Term Advisories
According to Indigenous Services Canada latest report, there are 33 short-term advisories in effect in First Nations communities across Canada, excluding BC; and 8 in BC issued by the First Nation Health Authority (FNHA).

List of all Short-Term Advisories
Long-Term Advisories
In place for more than a year, these advisories are also monitored by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)

There are currently 45 long-term advisories across Canada.

List of all Long-Term Advisories
A view from the Rez
Interviews Chiefs or Band Officials of the communities under long-term advisory. The latest ones include Chief Bruce Achneepineskum of Marten Falls First Nation, ON; and Chief Skead, Wauzhushk Onigum Nation, ON

A view from the rez -All Interviews
All First Nation water advisories are also listed on our provincial maps along with non-indigenous advisories.

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