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Water Today Title October 21, 2021

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Advisory of the Day


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In an emailed statement from the Office of Drinking Water, “The Lynn Lake Public Water System is currently bypassing treatment in the water plant in order to keep up with water demands in the community. Bypassing was required because of the reduced productivity of the nanofilters due to iron fouling.

Due to inadequate treatment of the water the safety of the community's water supply may be compromised; therefore, a boil water advisory has been issued.”

According to the Manitoba Office of Drinking Water guidelines, a long-term boil water advisory is assessed where water systems “require significant financial capital funding to address major operational and treatment problems. The majority of the advisories in this category are issued due to a lack of critical treatment processes.” (Www.gov.mb.ca)

WaterToday spoke with Scott Simms, Acting Grocery Manager for the Northern Store at Lynn Lake. According to Simms, a flat of 24 bottles of water sells for $9.99 plus taxes and bottle deposits. To his knowledge, the Northern Store in this community of 600 has been keeping up with the demand since the boil water advisory was issued in October 2012.

When asked if the store ever runs out of bottled water, Simms response, “No, that’s never happened.” Simms says the Northern Store is equipped with a DynaPro reverse osmosis water system connected to the community water supply with a storage tank in the store basement. The water is not chlorinated before it runs through the reverse osmosis filters. Simms says that provincial health inspectors come around to take water samples. When asked about the demand for the filtered water, Simms mentioned that the unit had been out of service in the past, but had not let them down for the past couple of years, and concluded with saying, “The system seems to keep up at the moment.”

The boil water advisory is expected to remain as long term here at Lynn Lake, MB.


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