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Water Today Title October 21, 2021

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The Rural Municipality of Victoria Beach, 100 km north of Winnipeg with a land area of 20.279 sq km is the smallest rural municipality in Manitoba. With a permanent population of 400 and over 5,000 in summer, most of the seasonal residents stretch out their cottage time to the Thanksgiving weekend, the last few days before the municipal crew traditionally shuts down the water plant and drains the pipes for the season.

A Boil Water Advisory was issued to the Victoria Beach residents who are on the municipal system after a power outage which lasted up to 18 hours. A Colorado Low which took vengeance on southern Manitoba brought wind gusts up to 100 km/hour, freezing rain, snow and plummeting temperatures that crippled highway traffic and felled trees. According to Dane Zarazun, spokesperson for the Public Works Operation in Victoria Beach. “Our bwa’s are usually issued after a power outage. Then it takes a couple of days to have water samples analyzed. But we will be shutting the system down 9:00 A.M, Tuesday, October 14, as per schedule anyway. We generally always do this the Tuesday following Thanksgiving.” Zarazun indicated the process involves draining the lines and winterizing the plant. “Depending on how many problems we come across in the process it could take up to 2 weeks.”

The highways in Manitoba made it impossible for many cottagers, (many of them 3rd and 4th generation VB’ers) to make the trek this weekend. WT spoke to Neil Carroll of Winnipeg. “Fortunately, I saw the weather forecast and was able to make it to the cottage earlier in the week to shut off the water,” Carroll said. ‘Shutting off the water’ for cottagers means disconnecting the above ground pipes from the main line, blowing out the pipes and emptying the hot water tank. “With temperatures 3 to 4 degrees below freezing, pipes could start cracking which would mean leaks that would have to be repaired before the system can start up again in spring which will definitely slow down the crew.” With the long winter ahead, cottagers are already counting down the days to spring start-up in beautiful Victoria Beach.


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