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Water Today Title October 25, 2021

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WT Staff
The community of Wabowden, Manitoba, 640 km north of Winnipeg, represented by a mayor and council under The Northern Affairs Act has a lot going for it. With a total population of 900, quality of life is exceptional because of the excellent water supply, low air pollution, adequate housing, excellent educational facilities, and ongoing recreational programming.

Wabowden finds strength in being populated by people of many diverse backgrounds, although the Metis culture is dominant. Family structures are well developed and social functions are continual.

“A week ago we had a power outage,” Carmen McIvor, of the Wabowden Community Council told us. “We always have to issue a BWA under those circumstances.” To complicate matters, a few days later there was a water main break. “The water was off for two hours so that was a bit inconvenient but the BWA is not a problem. We just boil our water for drinking and cooking or we buy bottled water.”

Wabowden, situated near the geographic centre of the province, was first located at Setting Lake which is part of the historic Grass River fur trade route. With the arrival of the railway in the 1920s, the community relocated to its present site on Bowden Lake.

“There’s a sandy beach there just across from the Mel Johnson School, the small Nursery-12 school, which serves less than 200 students. And the water treatment plant is there as well as a Natural Resources house,” McIvor continues.

Water is pumped from Bowden Lake to the treatment plant where it is filtered, chlorinated and distributed by waterlines throughout the community. Sewage is collected by a low-pressure and gravity system to a lift station and then pumped to a sewage lagoon for treatment.

The water is being tested daily. “Hopefully the BWA will be lifted soon,” McIvor says.

Borden Lake
Bowden Lake, the source of Wabowden’s drinking water, is a great place for fishing,
camping, and enjoying the recreational activities of the community of Wabowden, Manitoba.


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