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Water Today Title October 25, 2021

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Advisory of the day


Gillian Ward

High temperatures in the Atlantic region, combined with an extended dry period this summer has water levels in the primary reservoirs for the greater Moncton area (GMA) reaching a critical tipping point for formation of potentially toxic blue green algae.

GMA is the central hub for trucking and rail transport for Atlantic Canada, comprised of the cities of Moncton and Dieppe and the town of Riverview, New Brunswick. One hundred and forty thousand residents draw from the Turtle Creek and Tower Road Reservoirs, recently assessed as high risk for formation of blue green algae.

All residents of GMA have been called upon to immediately and radically cut water consumption, ceasing all non-essentials including washing vehicles, watering lawns, running appliances half full, or leaving taps running.

It is hoped that a widespread and concerted effort to cut water consumption will maximize the level in the reservoirs as high as possible, keeping the temperature down, lowering risk for algae bloom.

“At this time, the water remains safe for drinking, as well as bathing, washing and cooking. We all hope to keep it this way, which is why all non-essential water-related activities should be stopped until further notice,” explained Jack MacDonald, General Manager of Engineering and Environment the City of Moncton. “Protecting our potable water source is a community responsibility, and our collective actions can have a positive impact in this situation.”

WaterToday asked City of Moncton water management about special system flushing to clear blue green algae, should the bloom occur. As of the publication of this notice, City officials had not yet responded. We will keep our readers informed of further developments on the condition of the reservoirs and steps taken to ensure the safety of the public water supply.


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