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Water Today Title October 21, 2021

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Picturesque Lunenberg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and winner of the Prettiest Painted Places in Canada Award, lies nestled along the scenic shores of southern Nova Scotia, one hour from Halifax.

When Hurricane Dorian made her presence known in Nova Scotia as a post-tropical cyclone on September 7, 2019, leaving 400 000 customers without power for up to 4 days, schools and businesses were understandably closed. Almost a month later, the Nova Scotia Environment Water Department issued a handful of Boil Water Advisories after a routine inspection on October 3, 2019.

During a power failure, water may no longer be safe to drink without treatment, according to the Government of Canada website. “Pumps to pressure water mains may fail and parts of a water treatment plant necessary for water purification may not operate properly threatening the safety of the water.”

In the case of Holt’s Take Out, owner Tony Salame has a private well which caused the water pump to fail. “We do have a back-up generator and an ultra violet light purification system,” Salame told WaterToday, about an hour after the inspector had come by for test samples. “But unfortunately I was not here and the system shut down. The light was flashing and if I had been around, it would have been fine.” A plumber was in the process of shocking the well with chlorine and Salame added that the smell of chlorine was pervasive. “But we are all right. We know how to deal with it. We use bottled water for everything, except the toilets.”

Usually the smell of chlorine has to dissipate before sampling can resume. “They will be back the beginning of next week for another test,” Salame added hoping by then that they would be in the clear. “But we are OK.”

It seems that others also have the situation under control. Granite Springs Golf Course is on top of the matter as well. WaterToday spoke with the General Manager, Solomon Wang who assured WT, “We are well prepared.”

The 18-hole, par 72 golf course is nestled in the breathtaking landscape of rolling hills overlooking Shad Bay on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore. It was 5° C as WT was speaking to Wang but that did not deter the 150 golfers on the course taking in the spectacular view. “Of course in the summer months it is very busy.

We are on the way to Peggy’s Cove so a lot of tourists stop in. Cruise ships dock in the Bay as well and are here for 6-8 hours.” As for today’s glitch, “The testing was done today and my plumber was here about an hour ago shocking the well with chlorine. We have lots of bottled water, and ice packs so everything is good. Our restaurant is prepared with plenty of bottled water.”

Wang added that there would be more testing done on Monday, October 7, and Tuesday, October 8, next week and he expected that all would be good by Thursday, October 10.

Wang who is originally from China, has been living in Lunenberg for two and a half years. “I love it here! It is so beautiful and the people are very nice.”

Resilient too, WT might add.


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