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Water Today Title October 21, 2021

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Before the end of 2019, the Village of Abernethy, SK will have clean, safe drinking water for the first time in 1700 days.

According to Saskatchewan Water Security Agency,

“The Village of Abernethy has been subject to a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory since May 1, 2015. The current community water treatment plant cannot adequately treat the raw water sourced from wells near Pheasant Creek which are subject to flooding from time to time. The raw water supply is considered a Groundwater Under the Direct Influence (GUDI) of surface water and therefore has more rigorous treatment needs.”

From an emailed statement, Water Security Agency spokesperson writes, “Abernethy has received an infrastructure grant under the New Building Canada Fund - Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component – Small Communities Fund (PTIC-SCF) to construct a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant with a total project cost of 1.254 Million. Construction of the new treatment plant has begun and it is anticipated that the project will be complete by year end.”

Village operations staff Kevan Stryker spoke with WaterToday by phone about the new water treatment system under construction.

“Oh yeah, everybody’s excited. The village is working to install a biological filter to take out the iron and manganese, with an RO (reverse osmosis) system at the end to polish it up. Hardness was an issue, but getting off the boil water advisory was most important for us.”

“The SCF is one third feds, one third province and one third town. We borrowed the money for our part. Water rates will go up a bit, but most people won’t mind,” concluded Stryker.

The area is serious farming territory, right in the centre of Canada’s bread basket.

Abernethy is best known for the Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site, home of Saskatchewan’s first Agriculture Minister William Motherwell, who also served as federal Agriculture Minister under PM Mackenzie King. The fieldstone house, Lanark Place is well preserved for Park visitors. The farm was named for and designed as a replica Motherwell’s Ontario farm, with a restaurant and gift shop added for the convenience of guests.

The Motherwell Homestead is restored to 1907 period, with staff dressed accordingly, demonstrating the former way of mixed farming on the prairies. The site is open for visitors from May 21 to Sept. 1 each year.


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