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Water Today Title October 21, 2021

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Advisory of the day


Suzanne Forcese

A friendly community at the junction of Highways 18 and 37, just 23 km north of the Canada-US border provides visitors with great photo ops at the “welcome” sign, the elevators, the vintage gas station, and the Whitemud River Hills.

The agricultural community of 108, most of them seniors, plus anyone passing through Climax, have been advised to take precautions.

The Water Security Agency has issued a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) due to a water break and system depressurization.

“Pursuant to Clause 36(1)(a) of The Environmental Management and Protection Act…consumers must be notified to (a) boil water, used for drinking purposes for at least (1) minute; (b) boil water to be used for other activities where it may be ingested; (c) not use the water for washing dishes unless the water has been boiled or the dishes are sanitized (d) not drink from any public drinking fountains supplied with water from the public water supply (e) ensure younger children and infants are sponge bathed”, the Advisory states.

WATERTODAY spoke with Shauna Bertram at the Village Office who told us, “Really it doesn’t affect anyone. We have been told to boil our water due to a water break.”

In an emailed update from Chad Glascock (Communications, Agricultural Water Management Strategy) WT learned: “The Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory was issued on Monday, August 24 due to a system depressurization caused by a water main break. This break has been repaired and water samples have been sent to the lab on Wednesday, august 26 to confirm the safety of the distributed water. It is hoped that results will be made available on Saturday, August 29 and the PDWA can be rescinded at that time.”

Saskatchewan is currently in Phase Four of Re-opening. Bertram added, “We have noticed very little difference this summer.”

If you are in the vicinity, don’t blink. You may just stumble upon one of Canada’s best kept secret places to visit.

The Climax Community Museum is where discovery begins. There are Indigenous, ranching and settler artifacts. You can even examine vintage sports trophies from Climax Cardinals Baseball personalities who were inducted into the SK Baseball Hall of Fame and see where hockey stars Wilbrod Desjardins, Shaun Van Allen, Gord Kluzak and Brian Trottier played their early games.

Climax Community Museum

The museum is closed for this season due to the pandemic but will re-open to visitors in 2021.

You could visit the picturesque Whitemud River Valley where the world’s largest T.Rex skeleton was discovered. Or view the mural, refurbished Model T and vintage farm equipment at the Machinery Annex (by appointment). After a day of hiking and enjoying the rural atmosphere, set up at the Climax Campground that is complete with an outdoor pool.

And here’s a Trivial Pursuit question: The board game asks what is on the reverse of the town of Climax welcome sign; Answer: “Come again!”

For a longer look at Climax, check out this video


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