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Water Today Title October 25, 2021

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Advisory of the Day


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Saskatchewan Ministry of Health posted a boil water advisory for the Dafoe Cooperative Community Well on June 5, 2019, according to Ron Podbielski, Manager Communications and Strategic Issues for Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. According to Podbielski, oversight and regulation of the Dafoe water system transferred to the Ministry of Health as the draw on the well dwindled to just three households.

“Basically, the Water Security Agency regulates municipal waterworks, certain pipeline systems and other publicly accessible waterworks with a capacity of greater than 18 m3/day (or approximately 4,000 imperial gallons). WSA regulated this system when it was owned by the municipality but that ended in approximately 2009 when the municipality sold the system to the remaining residents of the community, making it a privately-owned water system with a capacity of less than 18m3/day. There are only a few residences remaining in the community, and therefore the system is no longer being captured under The Waterworks and Sewage Works Regulations. At some time after approximately 2009 regulation of the Dafoe Cooperative Community Well system was regulated by the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority (name at that time) as a well system under The Health Hazard Regulations”, according to the emailed statement from WSA.

Bob and Blandina Pilkey are the local resident managers of the community well in 2019. WaterToday spoke with Blandina from her home about the boil water advisory. “I’m not sure where this is coming from, why would we have a boil water advisory all of a sudden? We have been here 45 years, it was known this has never been drinking water,” says Mrs. Pilkey. She went on to say seven children were raised on this water, which was used for cleaning, bathing and laundry, but the drinking water has always been hauled in from nearby Wynyard municipal water supply.

Three homes remain connected to the cooperative community well in Dafoe, serving under ten residents.


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