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Water Today Title September 25, 2021

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2021/9/24 12pm

There were 34 new advisories issued since yesterday: 13 in SK, 9 in QC, 9 in NS, 1 in BC, 1 in NB, 1 in NL.

Québec Advisory Map

In Québec, a BWA was issued for all municipalities served by the Drummondville Water Distribution System due to the detection of E. Coli; affected are Drummondville, Saint-Cyrille, Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham, Saint-Germain-de-Grantham. The Provincial Government has also issued a BWA to Camping des Voltigeurs in Drummondville, however as advisory causes are not stated, it is unknown whether this advisory is related to the municipal BWA; the Camping location is non-municipal. A BWA was issued in Beauceville, reason not stated. Two BWAs were issued in Sainte-Catherine, one of which is scheduled for Sept 27 while the other, for the 28th. A BWA was issued to one street in Lévis due to service connection.

Nova Scotia Advisory Map

In Nova Scotia, BWAs were issued to Four Mile Beach Inn (Victoria County), Smith Rock Chalets (Pictou), Chester Area Middle School (Lunenburg), Hubbards Manor (HRM), Au Havre du Capitaine (Digby), Clare Secondary School (Digby), Joseph Dugas School (Digby), Agritech Park (Colchester), Wild Caraway Cafe ( Cumberland).

Saskatchewan Advisory Map

In Saskatchewan, 6 Drinking Water Advisories were issued by the City of Prince Albert, all are localized and were issued for watermain replacement, service connection or watermain tie-in. In Kerrobert a PDWA was issued, effective Sept 25 due to watermain replacement. PDWAs were also issued to Cumberland House due to repairs requiring depressurization, Stanley Mission, due to treatment or distribution system equipment failure or damage, Wadena due to planned maintenance. Three localized PDWAs were issued in Langham, all due to planned maintenance.

New Brunswick Advisory Map

In New Brunswick, A Boil Order was issued in Campbellton due to high turbidity. A previously issued BWA was lifted in Dieppe.

Ontario Advisory Map

In Ontario, the following Provincial Parks are under BWAs: Algonquin, Biscotasi Lake, Fushimi Lake, Ivanhoe Lake, Kawartha Highlands, MacLeod, Misery Bay, Missinaibi, Neys, Pakwash, Rene Brunelle, Shoals, White Lake. A Boil Order was issued by HKPR District Health for Lunge Haven Cottages (Lindsay).

Newfoundland and Labrador Advisory Map

In Newfoundland and Labrador, a BWA was issued to Ferryland-Deep Cove Pond due to maintenance or repairs.

British Columbia Advisory Map

In British Columbia, Vancouver Island Health issued a BWN to Whaletown Water System due to unacceptable water quality results. A previously issued BWN was lifted in Port McNeill.

Thursday, September 23, 2021 wrap-up


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