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Water Today Title July 28, 2021

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2021/7/27 8am

There were 32 new advisories issued since Friday, 6 in BC, 5 in SK, 3 in MB, 5 in QC, 8 in NS, 2 in NL, 3 in ON.

British Columbia Advisory Map

In British Columbia, the Regional District Central Kootenay issued BWNs to Edgewood Water System due to additional untreated water from decommissioned wells for the current demand for wildfire mitigation efforts. RDCK also issued a BWN to the Fauquier Water System due to requirement to bypass the water treatment plant for additional capacity required in wildfire mitigation. A BWN was issued by District of Lake Country for the Oyama Lake source due to a watermain break. Northern Health Authority issued BWNs to Blackfoot Regional Park due to unsatisfactory bacteriological results, Edgewood MHP where treatment upgrades have been completed to handle ongoing source water quality fluctuations and a period of commissioning is required to ensure treatment equipment is functioning as intended and treatment objectives being met. NHA also issued a BWN to Willow Grove Golf and Country Club due to cross-connection between raw water and distribution; they reported the bypass valve was open, bypassing filters and UV.

Nova Scotia Advisory Map

In Nova Scotia, BWAs were issued to Mountain Golf and Country Club, Lack Echo Community Centre, Lake Fletcher Apts, Cape D'Or Holdings, Griffin General Store, Morden Water Supply, while 2 BWAs were issued to the Inn of Victoria, one for the laundry and the other for the kitchen. Previously issued BWAs were lifted for Debs Hidden Cafe, Macleods Beach, Hubbard Manor, Clare Golf Club, Glooscap Park.

Ontario Advisory Map

In Ontario, Grey Bruce District Health issued BWAs to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 290 (Tobermory) and to Shamadan Resort (Ayton); advisory causes not stated. A BWA was issued by Johnson Township for Desbarats Hamlet, reason not stated.

Québec Advisory Map

In Québec, in Saint-Lambert a BWA was issued in connection with the area rehabilitation program. A BWA was issued to a portion of one street in Laval, reason not stated. A preventive BWA was issued in Chicoutimi, reason not stated. A preventive BWA was issued to one street in Lévis due to valve replacement. A BWA is in effect in Ragueneau due to a break at Chutes-aux- Outardes. Previously issued BWAs were lifted in Trois-Pistoles, Mirabel and for Camping Aztec (Granby).

Manitoba Advisory Map

In Manitoba, BWAs were issued to Gods Lake Narrows PWS, Grand Beach East PWS, and La Barriere Park Semi-Public System; advisory causes not provided, all categorized as short term.

Newfoundland and Labrador Advisory Map

In Newfoundland and Labrador, a BWA was issued to Garnish-Witchazel Pond due to the system undergoing maintenance or repair. A BWA was issued to Dildo-Broad Cove Pond due to E. coli having been detected while repeat samples can not be taken as required.

Saskatchewan Advisory Map

In Saskatchewan, PDWAs were issued to Cumberland House due to a power outage and depressurization, village of Marcelin due to a power outage, portion of Tantallon due to watermain repair, Theodore due to excessive turbidity, portion of Watrous due to watermain break and repair.

Friday, July 23, 2021 wrap-up

COVID-19 and Water
Click on this link to the Water Environment Federation (WEF), a not-for-profit technical and educational organization representing water quality professionals around the world. While aimed at the water sector, the site offers invaluable water information - regularly updated - to anyone interested in what happens to water/wastewater in a viral pandemic situation.


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