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Water Today Title May 18, 2022

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2022/1/12 12pm

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There were 16 new advisories issued since yesterday : 6 in QC, 4 in SK, 4 in MB, 1 in NL, 1 in BC.

Manitoba Advisory Map

In Manitoba, a BWA was issued to the Bristol rural line of the water distribution system (Stony Mountain) due to a line break that led to pressure drop. Public system BWAs were issued to a portion of Brandon and to Pinawa; advisory causes were not stated and both are categorized as short term. A Semi-public system BWA was issued to Morning Glory School, reason not stated, short term.

British Columbia Advisory Map

In British Columbia, a Do Not Use Advisory was issued by Garibaldi Coast to Halfmoon Bay Resort due to water treatment failure or malfunction with excessive arsenic concentration. Previously issued BWNs were lifted in Ruskin and West Kelowna Estates.

Québec Advisory Map

In Québec, in Cowansville a BWA was issued to several commercial buildings due to an aquaduct break. In Yamaska, a preventive BWA was issued to several locations due to water interruption for aquaduct repairs. A portion of Ormstown is under a preventive BWA due to an aquaduct break. Two localized BWAs were issued in Laval, reasons not stated. A Provincial Government-issued BWA is in effect for the Saint-Augustin (north shore) municipal drinking water system, reason not stated.

Ontario Advisory Map

In Ontario, 2 Long Term First Nation BWAs were rescinded for Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, one for the Aiport PWS and the other for Clifford Maracles Well PWS. According to Indigenous Services Canada, the advisories were lifted "after the homes and buildings were connected to the First Nation water distribution system and the existing wells were decommissioned." There remain 3 Long Term BWAs in effect for Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte. A previously issued BWA for Mishkeegogamang First Nation has now been categorized as Long Term; the original advisory was issued Jan 7, 2021.

Newfoundland and Labrador Advisory Map

In Newfoundland and Labrador, a BWA was issued to Pilleys Island-Loadabats Pond due to maintenance or repairs.

Saskatchewan Advisory Map

In Saskatchewan, PDWAs were issued to the Village of Quill Lake due to water line repair, Langham due to a water break, and the Resort Village of Candle Lake due to failure to meet minimum treatment requirements. The City of Yorkton issued a DWA to several addresses due to a watermain break.

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