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Water Today Title February 28, 2024

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Advisory for NELSON ISLAND (2), British Columbia

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Type: Boil Water  -  Active

Issued: 2/1/2016


28-FEB-2020 - QUARRY HARBOUR STRATA VR 1481 A Water Quality Advisory (WQA) was issued in February 2020. The primary function of the WQA is to notify water system users of the protozoan parasite risk from surface water supplies. It is recognized that due to lack of available power supply options, adding a second form of disinfection to the surface water source is logistically very difficult. The source of electrical energy is solar panels to battery storage. 1-FEB-2016 - WESQUARRY WATER SYSTEM Due to lack of centralized treatment, this water system is on a STANDING BOIL WATER NOTICE.


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