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Water Today Title February 7, 2023

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2021/9/27 Oceans

The Boreal Forest: A Land of Birds
An Interactive Story Map

This story is dedicated our researcher and avid bird-watcher, Marlene Harris

By Suzanne Forcese

“Although not everyone may have been to the Boreal, we are all linked through the marvel of birds and migration,” Nature Conservancy Canada

The Boreal region is a massive expanse of forests, wetlands, and waterways covering much of the Northern Hemisphere.

In Canada, this vast region stretches for 5,000 kilometers from Newfoundland and Labrador through the country’s central regions and northwest to the Yukon.

The National Conservancy of Canada and Birds Canada are sharing a story map with WATERTODAY. Here we can learn about the Boreal and the birds that are a vital piece of the Boreal ecosystem.

“Now is a great time to be sharing since bird migration is very much underway and countless birds are on the move from the Boreal back to their overwintering grounds,” Natasha Barlow, Birds Canada

Access the story map here


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