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July 14, 2024

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· The system includes  ;2   water treatment plants,  ; 10  major production wells, 440 km watermains,  ;17 water towers/storage tanks,  2,500  hydrants,  and19  major reservoirs, 


· In the unlikely event of a water advisory, it is reported online by the Chief Medical Officer of Public Health. Our records indicate that only one boil water advisory (2015) was issued in the last ten years .


· 55,000 residents as well as commercial and industrial users.

·  Source: The City's water source is groundwater


· Estimated lead services in Fredericton, in the 10s. They are replaced as encountered


· Approximately 7.3 million m3 of potable water.


· The City of Fredericton does not operate a combined sewage system. The sewage and storm collection systems are separate thus eliminating sewage overflow issues.


Fredericton has provided customers with safe, clean water for 137 years


• The new E. John Bliss Water Treatment Plant was built to withstand 1 in 100 years flood levels

We sent Fredericton media, a series of email questions. The answers are below

WT: Can you describe the drinking water system in Fredericton, (distribution watermains, treatment plant, users, etc.) and the main challenges it faces?

Groundwater source, two water treatment plants provide disinfection, pH, and alkalinity adjustment.  440 km of water main, 19 reservoirs, population 55,000 served

WT:  What is the source of drinking water?


WT:  Do the plants have any treatment for emerging contaminants such as PFAS, endocrine disrupters?

Our source of supply is groundwater, not surface water, so treatment is chlorine disinfection.  Note there is a difference between analytical ability to detect and risk.

WT: With the increase in extreme weather events and flooding, what measures is Fredericton taking to protect its plants?

New water treatment plant built above 1:100 yr flood level

WT: Combined sewage overflows are a common problem in cities across Canada. What is the situation in Fredericton? What was the amount of CSO releases in recent years?

Sanitary and storm sewers are separate in Fredericton

WT: Lead connections are also a common problem, how many lead connections do you estimate there are in Fredericton? What is the city doing about it?

Estimate of lead services number perhaps low 10’s.  The city portion of lead water service is replaced as encountered.  Homeowners can choose to have their portion of the service replaced at the same time at their cost.

WT:  Are there other emerging issues you are looking into?

We participate with industry technical associations and regulatory agencies to remain aware of water issues.