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Water Today Title October 1, 2023

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Update 2019/1/3
First Nation Water



By Cori Marshall

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Yesterday marked the end of the nomination period for the second annual First Nations Water Leadership Award. With that in mind, WaterToday reached out to Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to find out more about the relatively new award and the process behind awarding it.

Rola Tfaili, Media Relations with Indigenous Services Canada, explained that ISC "established the First Nation Water Leadership Award in 2018 as a way to recognize a First Nation individual, community, or organization that has demonstrated leadership and outstanding dedication to the advancement of clean and safe drinking water."

Tfaili added, "the award serves to recognize hard work, determination, and leadership, [...] to raise awareness on water issues and to support access to clean drinking water in their communities."

The competition is open to groups and individuals, and communities as a whole. All those taking part in the award competition are entered by a "nominator by providing a brief description of how the nominee has demonstrated leadership in water issues and by providing a reference to support the nomination."

Once submitted in the competition, nominees have to be judged. Tfaili said, "an Advisory Committee made of representatives from First Nation organizations will review nominations and base their recommendation on a holistic set of criteria including the extent to which a nominee has had a positive impact in the water field, made significant contributions in their communities, and the overall reach of their work."

The 2019 award will mark the first actual competition for the prize. Tfaili explained, "there was no call for nominations last year, the inaugural First Nation Water Leadership Award was presented to Chief Crane by Minister Philpott for her outstanding leadership and dedication to the advancement of clean drinking water in Slate Falls Nation." Chief Lorraine Crane's community of Slate Falls Nation was subject to "11 long-term drinking water advisories."

The prize will be awarded in the spring of 2019. For more information on the competition and nomination process visit www.canada.ca/first-nations-water-leadership-award



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