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Water Today Title May 27, 2024

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Update 2020/1/14
First Nations

Nomination deadline January 31, 2020

By Suzanne Forcese

There are people who by their everyday actions, are able to guide, influence and inspire. We call them leaders.

People like Deon Hassler, the 2019 National First Nations Water Leadership Award Winner, who told WaterToday “My work is my passion.”

Indigenous Services Canada created the annual National First Nations Water Leadership Award in March 2018 to recognize First Nations individuals or organizations that have demonstrated leadership and outstanding dedication to the advancement of clean and safe drinking water in First Nations Communities.

The first recipient of the Award in 2018, Chief Lorraine Craine was responsible for lifting a 14 year BWA in Slate Falls Nation with her determination in making a drinking water plant a reality.

The Call For Nominations is looking for First Nations individuals, organizations or communities that have demonstrated leadership and made outstanding contributions to the advancement of clean and safe drinking water in First Nations communities in outreach, in providing leadership in drinking water emergencies or infrastructure challenges, in showing dedication and extraordinary involvement in First Nations water-related issues./ts-fn-national-first-nation-watership-award-2.asp An advisory committee formed of First Nations partners and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) representatives will review nominations and provide recommendations to the Minister of Indigenous Services.

Questions and Completed Nominations may be sent to: aadnc.proprepnh2o-cleanfnh2o.aandc@canada.ca

For more information on the nomination requirements please visit:


Nicole Hancock, of the Safe Water Drinking Team and The Saskatchewan First Nations Water Association says of Deon Hassler, “Deon is passionate about training the next generation of water treatment plant operators and he just honestly wants to help others.”

If you know of an individual, organization or community with exemplary qualities and leadership commitments like Deon Hassler, (Circuit Rider, member of the Healthy Water Working Group, a board member of The Saskatchewan First Nations Water Association, Inc. and a team member of Safe Drinking Water Team) please answer the Call For Nominations.

NOTE: The deadline has been extended to January 31, 2020!

Indigenous Services is considering extending this deadline until the end of January but has not confirmed as of yet. Stay tuned, WT will keep you posted.



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