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Water Today Title July 28, 2021

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Update 2021/3/25
Food security

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By Suzanne Forcese

The Solution To Saving the Ocean – Leave It Alone

“There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we look at the natural world, the way we have separated ourselves from the very ecosystem we are part of. This particularly applies to the way we see the ocean. We dump our waste there because we think it’s large enough that no one will notice. We take whatever we want because we think the ocean is an infinite source of protein.”
--Sea Shepherd CEP Captain Alex Cornelissen

Sea Shepherd is featured in an explosive new documentary, Seaspiracy:
How Sea Shepherd is Leading the Way in Fighting for the ocean

Screening worldwide on Netflix – Seaspiracy- uncovers how commercial and industrialized fishing is one of the leading contributors to climate change, plastic pollution, and the killing of whales and dolphins.

Watch the Trailer here: Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix

Sea shepherd CEP Captain Alex Cornelisson. Over the past five years Sea Shepherd has focused on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU)but there is another problem that is going unnoticed. --global fisheries are beginning to see the end of the industry.

Pressure is on the industry to keep up with demand and to keep the prices low, but with dwindling fish populations it is increasingly hard to maintain supply.

Prices are kept artificially low through global subsidies favoring large-scale fisheries which then compete illegally with coastal subsistence and artisanal fisheries causing further problems in regions already at risk due to food scarcity. Other operators don’t shy away from forced unpaid labor to lower their cost, treating workers as expendables.

Cornelissen comments that our perceptions create the problems that continue to exist because life forms are objectified:
  • Species of fish are being referred to as ‘stock’
  • Extraction of life forms is being described as ‘harvest’
  • Quantities are measured in weight instead of individual organism
  • All species are referred to as seafood
  • And most importantly, the myth that fish don’t feel pain

“Our crew out on the water see the destruction every day when they interact with fishing vessels. We see the amount of bycatch of species that aren’t commercially exploitable simply killed and discarded back into the ocean.”

Sea shepherd is seeing results of the campaigns to stop IUU fishing in West Africa with fish populations bouncing back and ecosystems recovering only after a few years.

“But these areas are not big enough to repopulate entire regions. Enforcing regulations and expanding the areas under protection against IUU fishing and largescale industrial fishing are the base of Sea Shepherd’s current campaigns.”

“We are at the point in history where we will need to make a choice.”


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