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Water Today Title February 21, 2024
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Canadian Smart Home Solutions recreates the dynamics of a mountain stream straight to the tap with water filtration and softener systems

“We believe that every Canadian deserves to have access to healthy, clean and chemical-free drinking water from every tap for drinking, cooking and bathing.”  --Domenic Saracino, Senior Water Specialist, Canadian Smart Home Solutions

Having successfully achieved a glowing reputation within a wide reach of Ontario as a trusted brand of water filtration and water softeners, Dominic Saracino is standing on the cusp of expansion across Canada with Canadian Smart Home Solutions’ patented technologies

Interview with Domenic Saracino

By Suzanne Forcese

WT: Thanks for chatting with WATERTODAY Domenic. Please give our viewers an overview of your company.

Saracino: Canadian Smart Home Solutions started serving all of Ontario 12 years ago. We specialize in residential, commercial, well water and lake water and business filtration, purification, water softening and UV protection. We have all water purification technologies for any type of water and cater to all your water requirements.

WT: What was the journey that led you to CSHS?

Saracino: It was a journey that involved a lot of hard work, a lot of learning, starting from scratch and probably a bit of fate.

As a high-school student I had a part-time job at a grocery store. While continuing to work as I pursued my civil engineering degree, I also continued to move up the ladder to the corporate level – all the while pursuing my education and attending to domestic duties. Eventually I replaced the engineering choice with the corporate choice.

But as fate would have it, I soon had to make another choice when company cutbacks and reshuffling presented me with an option that was unacceptable.

I entered the foreign territory of sales. Completely unskilled it was a challenge but with my first sale I was hooked.

Mustering the same skills that had taken me to the top of one corporate ladder, I was nearing the top of the ladder in the water purification industry.

During the pandemic lockdowns I reached out to the manufacturer of our company and got a dealership. I started building my team, rebranded the business and in three years have created a leading company. What I love most about it is making people happy and healthy because of the water they drink. 

The quality of our systems is saving our clients money.

I am helping our clients make a difference to the environment by eliminating the need for plastic bottled water and all the collateral damage that plastic causes.

WT: Is there a specific technology that makes your products work?

Saracino: We have patented technology to make any water clean and safe to drink.

The first step in any situation is a water test to determine the type and level of contaminants. Once we have the lab report, we know what to build. Every scenario is different.

WT: Lead is a huge issue in Ontario – and the rest of Canada. WT follows this issue regularly. Even other Canadian media picked up on this problem in 2019 according to a yearlong investigation by more than 120 journalists that found the contamination in several cites was consistently higher than it ever was in the Flint Michigan crisis.

That is alarming. Even countries that struggle to provide safe drinking water have established acceptable lead levels: India's is 10 ppb (0.01 mg/L) and Mexico and Egypt's are 5 ppb (0.005 mg/L), according to those nations' government websites.

Saracino: Studies have shown that even low levels of lead exposure can affect a child's IQ and their ability to focus. Children who are younger than seven and pregnant women are most at risk from lead exposure, which can damage brains and kidneys. That’s even more alarming.

WT: WaterToday covered the impact of excessive levels of lead exposure with Dr. Bruce Lanpear, researcher/professor at Simon Fraser University who spoke to us about that study. He also has researched the impact of historical lead exposure resulting in a wide range of health issues for adults over age 40.

Saracino: Historical exposure occurs from lead present in the environment because of past use in fuel, paint and plumbing. There's also ongoing exposure from foods, emissions from industrial sources and contamination from lead smelting sites and lead batteries.

Then there is the lead exposure from infrastructure. Prior to 1978 homes were built with galvanized pipes. There is a huge cost to remediate this.

Additionally, even after underground infrastructure is remediated it can take up to 6-8 months before all the lead is flushed out.

WT: Does CSHS have solutions?

Saracino: Yes. First, we determine the source of the lead and have an analysis done on the levels. Then we can build the unit to remove the lead completely.

WT: So, it’s always about testing first.

Saracino: Always. Even in a new subdivision, for example all we need to do is perform a test on one home and we have all the data we require for the entire subdivision.

WT: Are your systems only for homes?

Saracino: We have everyone covered from homes, cottages, condos, schools, laundromats, restaurants, hospitals—every industry. Wherever there is a need for clean, safe water we have a solution.

All our systems have patents. We have a manufacturer in Barrie, Ontario that we enjoy working with and all our systems come with a warranty. More importantly our systems come with peace of mind.

WT: Are your systems only for the removal of lead?

Saracino: We have systems for homes for every type of organic and inorganic toxin.

Thousands of chemicals can pollute drinking water. Chloramines, Clorine, THM and various other volatile and organic chemicals lead to severe health and structural damage to the body

Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and mercury metals can get mixed with water bodies from coal-burning power plants and industrial facilities.

Pesticides and fertilizers from agricultural run-off also contaminate water supplies.

The list of contaminants also includes bacteria from sewage, BPA and other harmful chemicals; biological contaminants – including viruses, protozoa and parasites; radiological contaminants—cesium, plutonium and uranium.

Our whole home water filtration systems remove heavy metals and volatile and industrial chemicals, ensuring good-quality water throughout your home.

The Whole Home Water Filter from Canadian Smart Home Solutions is a chemical-free unit with no chemicals or filter cartridges required. Also, it consumes no electricity.

Our highly efficient water softener uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners. Our products include Well Water Softener, Lake Water Softener, Cottage Water Softener, Commercial Building Water Softener, Hotel Water Softener, School Water Softener, and more.

Our high-quality resin provides the cleanest water softening by removing ground iron and water hardness. Hard water damages water pipes, fixtures, smells like rotten eggs, and stains everything it touches – including your hair, laundry, appliances. It also lowers water pressure because of the rust build-up in pipes.

Our systems have a powerful energy transformer along with a smart filter distributor that is designed to save water and stop chemical discharge.

WT: Moving forward, what is next for CSHS?

Saracino: We are gearing up to offer franchises. We have the recipe that works and we are moving forward to expand across Canada.

Convenience, Savings, Health, Environment – these are the four pillars of our company.

We want to give Canadians peace of mind.


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