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June 14, 2024
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www.cyber101.com is a new platform launched by two Montreal-based entrepreneurs combining their respective expertise in cybersecurity and animation video.

This educational website offers a brief and engaging certification process to raise employee awareness about cybersecurity issues in less than an hour.

According to Statistics Canada, the proportion of Canadians victimized by cybersecurity incidents increased from 58% in 2020 to 70% in 2022. The most commonly reported incidents were receiving unsolicited emails and fraudulent content.

This makes Cyber101's mission more relevant than ever. According to Guillaume Bélanger, "Our platform provides essential tools to help you stay on top of threats in an increasingly hostile environment."

Free Training for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cyber101 offers companies a unique opportunity to educate their employees on best practices in cybersecurity, at no cost. Businesses and individuals can immediately improve their cybersecurity posture in less than an hour.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Reduce the risks of fraud, data breaches, and disruptions
  • Meet the requirements of insurers and privacy laws
  • Improve employees' technological skills
  • Demonstrate a serious commitment to cybersecurity to clients and staff


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