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July 14, 2024
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Wrap-up: There are 33 advisories to report since yesterday: 1 in AB, 3 in BC, 3 in MB, 4 in NL, 2 in NS, 6 in ON, 8 in QC, 6 in SK


ISLE LAKE (Edmonton) – Cyanobacteria bloom has been identified July 8.


ABBOTSFORD – Chemical Spill at Stoney Creek July 3; Firefighting foam escaped from a disconnected hose and entered the storm drain and subsequently the waterway. July 8 UPDATE: Representatives from Semá:th First Nation, Stó:lō Guardians, Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance and environmental consultants GHD removed 1,048 deceased fish and relocated 1,198 fish to fresh water. Quantum Murray Environmental established a water treatment system that channels contaminated water through a treatment process and returns it to the creek. To date, more than 211,000 gallons of water has been treated.

NICOLA LAKE – UPDATE: Another Algae Bloom sighting for this lake reported July 5.

PRINCE RUPERT WS – BWN issued July 9 because the Chlorinator pump went down; chlorine levels throughout the system dropped below the required min of 0.2ppm chlorine.


SPRUCE SANDS RV Resort – BWA issued July 9 for a scheduled power outage.

STONEWALL Water System – BWA issued July 9 due to a water Main Line Water Valve Replacement, localized to area of works.

WINNIPEG – July 4 Localized Flash Flooding during the last rainstorm which brought hail and heavy rain; filling basements and submerging streets. Approx 42 mm fell which is half of what Winnipeg typically receives in July.


DANIEL's HARBOUR Community WS – BWA issued July 8 due to flushing of supply and waste lines.

FERRYLAND (Deep Cove Pond) – BWA issued July 9 due to system maintenance/repairs.

PARSON's POND (Cold Brook) – BWA issued July 9 due to system maintenance/repairs.

PASADENA – Flash Flooding July 9 heavy rain has flooded parts of the Trans-Canada Highway from Pasadena to Corner Brook. Major flooding has been reported in the area of Hammond Farm. 60 mm of rain fell as thunderstorms stalled over the area.


HAMMONDS PLAINS – BWA issued July 8 to Hammonds Plains Children's Centre, Inc / ForestKids Early Learning.

LOCHABER LAKE (Lochaber) - Cyanobacteria bloom report July.


SANIKILUAQ Community Water System – July 8 Dept of Health reminds residents tap water without the use of the reverse osmosis unit is not safe to drink.


CAMPBELLVILLE Old Diamond – BWA issued July 4 due to adverse water test results.

CAMPBELLVILLE New Ball Park – BWA issued July 4 due to adverse water test results.

COBDEN (Logos Land Resort SDWS Campground) – BWA issued July 8.

MOOSONEE Water System – BWA issued July 9 due to preventative maintenance work being conducted on the drinking water storage facility.

OTTAWA VALLEY – July 9 Flood Watch issued for parts of Valley due to remnants of Hurricane Beryl. Upwards of 60mm of rain is expected.

LAKE SUPERIOR PROV. PARK – BWA issued July 9 to Agawa Bay Campground.



FRANKFORD (Trent River Estates Seasonal Campground) – BWA LIFTED

STIRLING (Praise Valley Campsite) – BWA LIFTED




Les COTEAUX – (BWA) 10 juillet Avis d’ébullition préventif sur les rues Pauline et Sonia à la suite des travaux sur le réseau d'aqueduc.

LAVAL – (BWA) 9 juillet Avis d'ébullition de l'eau en cours sur les rues Mirelle et Lévesque Est.

PREVOST – (BWA) Avis préventif d'ébullition en raison des travaux de raccordement de ce nouveau réservoir d’eau potable au réseau d’aqueduc.

SAINTE-BÉATRIX (camping St-Tropez) – (DNC) 9 juillet Avis de NON-CONSOMMATION d'eau.

SAINT-AMABLE – (BWA) 9 juillet avis préventif d’ébullition sera en vigueur sur les rues Rémi, Dulude et Souvenir à la suite l’installation de bornes fontaines.

SAINT-LAZARE – (BWA) 9 juillet avis préventif d’ébullition sur les rues Ste-Angélique et des Cèdres en raison une fuite d'eau.

TROIS-RIVIÉRES (Cap-de-la-Madeleine) – (BWA) 10 juillet Avis d’ébullition préventif sur la rue Saint-Laurent.

YAMASKA – (BWA) 9 juillet Avis d'ébullition préventif quelques résidences de la rue Marie-Victorin Ouest et tout le rang Saint-Louis à la suite de test de fermeture d'eau.


LAVAL – (LIFTED) Avis d'ébullition de l'eau TERMINÉ sur les rues Paré, des Mille-Îles, Boutin, John-Molson, et Montgolfier.

MATANE – (LIFTED) LEVÉE de l’avis d’ébullition préventif.

MONT-SAINT-HILAIRE – (LIFTED) LEVÉE de l’avis d’ébullition préventif.

MONTRÉAL (Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Ext) – (LIFTED) FIN de l'avis préventif d’ébullition de l’eau.

ROUYN-NORANDA (Quartier Cadillac) - (LIFTED) FIN de l'avis préventif d’ébullition de l’eau.

SAINT-AMABLE – (LIFTED) LEVÉE de l'avis préventif d'ebullition sur les rues Réal, Principale, Lauzon et Katy.

TROIS-RIVIÉRES – (LIFTED) LEVÉE de l’avis d’ébullition préventif au nord de la ville et pour plusieurs rues dans le secteur Cap-de-la-Madeleine.


EVERGREEN ACRES Distribution System – PDWA issued July 9 due to the depressurization resulting from the compromised/broken water main, the actual repair procedures, and the natural degradation of the chlorine residual in the water as it sits.

MEADOW LAKE PROVINCIAL PARK – PDWA issued July 8 to Kimball Lake Waterworks due to system depressurization.

MOOSE JAW Municipal WS – PDWA issued July 10 due to water main leak affecting Coteau St W.

QU'APPELLE Waterworks – PDWA issued July 10 line break/pressure loss, localized.

SASKATOON Municipal WS – PDWA issued July 9 to several streets due to water main break.

SPALDING Waterworks – PDWA issued July 9 due to depressurization caused by watermain break.



July 8, 2024 wrap-up

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