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Water Today Title May 30, 2024

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Update 2020/9/8


By Suzanne Forcese

“We can safely state that biological life on Earth depends on the anomalous properties of water that set it apart from all other substances on Earth.”
Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Water either sustains life or reduces the quality of life.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 80% of human diseases are connected to poor water quality resulting in the death of 500 million people annually. Yet, good water can result in abundant crops, vibrantly healthy humans and animals-- all the necessary components of a thriving civilization and economy.

Science has studied water for more than 200 years but many fundamental questions about its life enhancing properties have not been considered in traditional science.

However, a new wave of science is gathering momentum as pioneer researchers stand on the brink of viewing water through the lens of quantum physics. From the discovery of the exclusion zone and water’s fractal geometry there is now also considerable attention focused on water’s glow factor.


WATERTODAY learned that the glow from different types of objects in high intensity electromagnetic fields was detected over 200 years ago, however scientific acceptance of this effect known as Kirlian photography was rather limited. Until recently.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, considered to be one of a handful of premier scientists in a country that reveres science, together with his Korotkov Group, developed the Quantum Electrophonic Imaging (EPI), also called Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) which provides real-time viewing of energy systems.

It was an honour for WATERTODAY to interview Dr. Korotkov. In his 40 years of research, with a dozen books, 400 research papers, and 15 biophysics inventions to his credit, WT dove into Dr. Korotkov’s research on water’s glow factor and the connection to all living things.

As Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at St. Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Russia, Dr. Korotkov has developed a technique to measure and quantify light which is invisible to the human eye. “In 1995, our group developed a gas discharge visualization camera (GDV) based on modern optics, electronics and image processing.”

The electro-photonic glow from people, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects is captured by a video camera and translated into a computerized model giving real-time measurements that can be applied in many fields: medicine, psychology, sound therapy, biophysics, genetics, forensic science, agriculture, ecology and water. WT took a deeper dive into the water/glow relationship with Dr. Korotkov.

“Plants convert the energy of photons from the sun into electron energy through photosynthesis. In humans and animals, a series of transformations in complex chains of albuminous molecules convert light energy into body energy. Water and air are responsible for these conversions.

“In essence, we and all living things are light” -- with a little help from air and water.

Admittedly, for the ultimate glow, water quality needs to be considered.

According to Dr. Korotkov, living water (aka ‘structured water’) as is found in the most pristine natural settings such as a waterfall or mountain stream has the highest glow.

“When we take water from a natural source, that life force or glow will diminish over a period of about 60 hours. So if you bottle that water, it eventually dies.”

Structured Water
Structured Water             Tap Water               Distilled Water

“By examining a drop of Structured Water as is found in Nature we see the dynamic energy pattern of light. In regular tap water, the glow is more static, while distilled water – which is completely dead, presents as static.” What happens to us and our glow if we drink structured water?

“In 2014, French researcher, Guy Londechamp, presented his results of five years of research into subjects who drank structured water prepared in his structuring device,” Dr. Korotkov told us. “After testing more than 100 people, 80% of the participants demonstrated an increase in their energy fields after drinking a single glass of structured water.”

Figure 1 Before Structured Water        Figure 2 After Drinking A Glass of Structured Water

The breaks in the glow image of Figure 1 indicate an imbalance in energy whereas Figure 2 indicates increased energy

These experiments also demonstrated that it is possible to structure water and therefore elevate its energetic glow by passing regular water through a structuring device. “The German Scientist, Fritz Popp created the bio-photonics field,” Dr. Korotkov added. “It was shown that light radiation in an integral part of all quantum processes. It is possible to fix a weak glow.”

Notice the increased glow on an apple after it is activated by a drop of Structured Water

“Good water is naturally one of the pre-requisites for longevity,” Korotkov continues. “Naturally this fully applies to animals and plants.”

“A large experiment was conducted in India under the leadership of scientists from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Farmers were provided with special structuring devices that mimic the flow of water in mountain streams.

“After water had been structured by the devices and tested with the GDV, there was a significant difference between the original water and the structured water.”

Local Indian farmers were asked to water some of their fields with structured water and some with normal water. “The results exceeded all expectations!”

On an acreage of 0.375 acres conventional water was used while structured water was used on the same sized acreage.

Wheat produced a harvest of 355 kg with conventional water and 640 kg with structured water.

A harvest of zucchini resulted in 1100 kg using ordinary water while the structured water produced 2250 kg with a plant height to 25 inches and 35 inches respectively.

Tomatoes came in at 2042 kg with the structured water compared to only 1326 kg with conventional water.

Beans harvest per bush was 0.702 kg with conventional water and 1.458 kg with structured water.

And green peppers resulted in 68.7 kg with structured water compared to only 38.5 kg with conventional water.

Dr. Korotokov strongly believes that awareness of glow factor can help people achieve health and wellness by seeing their response to many life situations utilizing a GDV camera technique.

“By choosing ‘good’ water life is enhanced and we glow with the flow.”



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