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Water Today Title October 25, 2021

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A to Z - 2017/2018/2019
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Advisories of the day in Alberta

Lethbridge, AB - 2018/7/27

Lethbridge, AB - 2018/7/10

Standoff, AB - 2018/5/22

Sucker Creek Reserve, AB - 2018/5/15

Whitefish First Nation, AB - 2018/5/6


Advisories of the day in British Columbia

Vernon, BC - 2018/6/8

Osoyoos, BC - 2018/5/11

Osoyoos, BC - 2018/5/11

Salt Sring Island, BC - 2018/5/11

Ashcroft, BC - 2018/5/3

Willowbrook, BC - 2018/2/9

Pritchard, BC - 2018/2/5


Advisories of the day in Manitoba

Meacham, MB: 2018/5/3

Notre Dame de Lourdes, MB: 2018/2/15

Mallard, MB: 2018/2/6

Pritchard, MB- 2018/2/5

Swan River, MB- 2018/1/31

Swan River, MB- 2018/1/29



Advisories of the day in New Brunswick

Bouctouche, NB - 2018/8/6

St. Margaret's, NB - 2018/8/6

Hoyt, NB - 2018/1/16


Advisories of the day in Newfoundland/Labrador

Stephenville, NL - 2018/8/23

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL - 2018/8/15

St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL - 2018/5/31

Corner Brook, NL - 2018/5/25

Roddickton-Bide Arm, NL - 2018/5/4

Port Hope Simpson, NL - 2018/2/16

Howley, NL- 2018/2/2

Humber Arm South, NL- 2018/1/19

Corner Brook, NL- 2018/1/15

Smith Sound, NL- 2018/1/11


Advisories of the day in Northwest Territories

South Slave, NT- 2018/5/20

Lutselk'e, NT- 2018/1/21


Advisories of the day in Nova Scotia

Auburn NS - 2018/5/25

Belle Cote NS - 2018/5/17

Middle Musquodoboit, NS - 2018/5/9


Advisories of the day in Nunavut

Iqaluit, NU 2018/9/13

Iqaluit, NU 2018/1/10


Advisories of the day in Ontario

River Valley Park, ON - 2018/10/26

Renfrew, ON - 2018/6/22

Hamilton Bayfront Park Beach, ON - 2018/1/12

Owen Sound, ON - 2018/1/12


Advisories of the day in Québec

Saint-Bernard, QC UPDATE- 2018/8/24

Saint-Bernard, QC - 2018/7/27

Saint-Clet, QC - 2018/7/11

Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, QC - 2018/6/18

Saint-Paulin, QC, Le Baluchon - 2018/6/3

Saint-Marcellin, QC - 2018/5/26

La Tuque, QC - 2018/5/26

Saint-François-du-Lac, QC - 2018/5/23

Rouyn-Noranda, QC - 2018/5/18

Montréal, QC - 2018/5/12

Boucherville, QC - 2018/5/8

Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, QC - 2018/3/30

Pontiac, QC - 2018/3/29

Montréal, QC - Outremont/Plateau - 2018/3/14

Saint-Tite-des-Caps, QC - 2018/2/27

Saint-Tite-des-Caps, QC - 2018/2/26

Saint-Fabien, QC - 2018/1/17


Advisories of the day in Saskatchewan

Weyburn, SK- 2018/6/26

Meath Park, SK- 2018/6/11

Ituna, SK- 2018/5/11

St. Brieux, SK- 2018/6/2

La Ronge, SK - 2018/2/28

Regina, SK - 2018/2/7

Saskatoon, SK - 2018/1/13


Advisories of the day in the Yukon


Advisory wrap-up

Daily Advisory wrap-up- ongoing



WWF reveals grey water dumping in Arctic will double by 2035- 2018/8/29

While Europe Froze, the Arctic Reached Record Highs - 2018/3/7





Queensland Beach, NS: Do not swim advisory due to enterococci - 2018/7/18

Thunder Bay City beaches under permanent swimming advisories- 2018/7/16

Hasse Lake, AB : Do not swim advisory due to fecal contamination- 2018/7/13

Holiday Water: Monitoring recreational water in Canada - 2018/7/5

Mettawas Beach, Ontario may re-open after tests - 2018/6/15

Morden, MB: Residents Advised to Stock up on Tap Water Ahead of Water Repairs - 2018/5/30

New Brunswick monitoring protocol expanded to eight provincial park beaches- 2018/5/23



Boil Water Advisory info


Blue-green, toxic Algae

How to pick a winner for a $10 million prize 2018/11/16

$10 million Barley prize - Follow-up questions to the Board of directors 2018/11/9

$10 million Barley prize - The contenders 2018/11/2

$10 million prize for a solution to toxic algae 2018/10/30

Muskoka Lakes, ON: Blue-green blooms confirmed in two lakes 2018/8/20

Federal goverrnment injects almost $4 million into Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative - 2018/8/20

New Brunswick officials confirm blue-green algae was cause of death of 3 dogs - 2018/8/9

Florida overcome by blue-green algae and red tides - 2018/8/8

Dead zone in Gulf of Mexico smaller this summer than predicted - 2018/8/6

Saint-John River, NB: Three dogs suspected to have died from toxic blue-green algae 2018/8/1

Toronto, ON: Blue-green algae bloom at mouth of Mimiko Creek 2018/7/20

Blue-green advisory issued for Saskatchewan to keep population vigilant-2018/7/12

Township of Scugog, ON: Public alerted to the potential for blue-green algae blooms-2018/7/6

Hamilton Harbour, ON: Environmental experts discuss harmful algal blooms(HABS)-2018/5/25

Cyanobacterial Blooms: If You Can Smell Them You Are Being Exposed -2018/2/1


Bottled water

New Study Finds 93%of Bottled Water Tested Contains Microplastics, Coca-Cola and Nestlé Waters React - 2018/3/22

Rapidly growing Ontario community firm against commodification of water - Video - 2018/2/6

Aberfoyle, ON: For Nestlé, it's business as usual on expired permit - 2018/01/10

San Bernardino, California: Nestlé strikes again - 2018/1/8




Canada's Emergency Alert System in need of fine tuning - 2018/5/10


Climate change

IPCC report urges rapid response to limit global warming - 2018/10/12

Canadian research centres to study effects of climate change on wind power - 2018/6/3

New Paper Says Coastal Oceans Act as a Carbon Sink - 2018/2/5



Conservation projects in Peace River Basin receive funding- 2018/9/10

North-Bay Mattawa issues low water advisory after hot dry summer- 2018/8/23

British Columbia coastal communities asked to conserve water - 2018/8/1

Red Deer, AB: City encourages conservation by picking up some of the cost - 2018/6/3

Black Diamond, AB: Alberta town showing off money-saving conservation measures 2018/5/3



The remediation of contaminated dry cleaning sites in Kansas state 2018/10/8

Kansas officials failed to inform residents of well water contamination 2018/9/5

Saskatoon, SK: Hydrocarbons in fire hydrants expensive to repair - 2018/7/3

Michigan State allows potash waste wells near Nestlé bottling plant - 2018/6/14

Ongoing concerns over Chalk River nuclear waste storage- 2018/3/24

The St. Lawrence River Institute, A Grassroots, Cross-Cultural Approach to Addressing Area of Concern in the St. Lawrence River - 2018/1/21



Young's Point, ON: Ringtail Camp Inc. fined $11,320 for failure to submit water samples- 2018/8/2

How a local resident sued Sydney Tar Ponds over arsenic contamination and won the day- 2018/1/2


Drinking Water

Interior Health, BC: Water Information Now Only a Few Clicks Away -2018/5/30

How Small Drinking Water Systems are regulated in the Maritimes - 2018/5/25

74 water systems in Quebec have not provided Quebec Ministry with bacterial test results for at least two months - 2018/5/4

New Reporting System for Small Drinking Water Systems in Ontario: How different health units are coping - 2018/4/25



Day 0 Moved to 2019 But Capetonians Cannot Relax - 2018/3/9

Preventing a Cape Town Crisis in Canada-The Municipalities (Part 2) - 2018/3/2

Cape Town, SA: Life in a drought - 2018/2/25

Preventing a Cape Town Crisis in Canada - 2018/2/23

Cape Town, South Africa: Dangerously Low Water Levels May Lead to Regular Distribution Shut-off - 2018/2/22




Email Q&As from research@watertoday.ca

High School student from Fort Qu'Appelle, SK -2018/6/19


Emergency Preparedness

Canada's Emergency Alert System in need of fine tuning -2018/5/10


Extreme weather

Tornados hit Ottawa-Gatineau, many still not reintegrated into their homes -2018/9/25




Cave diver and RCGS in-house explorer, Jill Heinerth, on her career and our relationship with water -2018/3/28

First Nations

Minister Carr Rolls Out $220 Million in Clean Energy Funding For Off-Grid Communities - 2018/2/19



First Nation Fire Safety

Kwanlin Dun First Nation in the Yukon Territories -2018/12/11

Eight firefighters in community, opitciwan struggles with inadequate funding -2018/12/4

How the Northwest Territories funds fire safety in First Nations communities -2018/11/23

First Nation Fire Safety: ISC protection funding and a view from the communities -2018/11/15


First Nations Water

Horse Lake First nation, AB: New water treatment system brings safe water to community - 2018/9/21

Last long-term BWA in Alberta First Nations to end soon 2018/9/7

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation gets new water supply 2018/8/22

Paqtnkek Mi'kmaw Nation under water shortage until end of August- 2018/7/19

DIY water tanks an alternate solution for First Nation drinking water? - 2018/6/28

Long term BWAs in 2 First Nations remain in effect past deadline - 2018/6/16

Atlantic Fist Nation Authority wants to be example for rest of Canada- 2018/6/14

Naicatchewenin First Nation, ON: BWA due to pump failure - 2018/5/24

Government announces completion of two infrastructure projects in Wendake, QC - 2018/5/22

Whitefish First Nation: Long-standing BWA to continue - 2018/5/6

Ovwerdue lifting of advisories: Miawpukek First Nation update - - 2018/4/20

Overdue lifting of long-term water advisories in three First Nation communities - 2018/4/14

Precautionary DWAS Could Be Reduced by 36% According to New Study - 2018/4/5

Chief od Slate Falls receives leadership award- 2018/3/7

Eleven BWAs lifted after fourteen years in Slate Falls Ojibwe community - 2018/3/3

Tsal'alh First Nation: New water treatment ends long-term bwa - 2018/2/15

Government announces completion of two water infrastructure projects in Wendake, QC - 2018/5/22

Indigenous Services Canada committed to March 2021 goals as responsibility grows - 2018/2/2



ALUS Canada haas flood reduction projects waiting in the wings - 2018/6/1

Merritt, BC: Evacuation Orders Rescinded - 2018/5/30

Flooded BC homeowners have no intention of moving - 2018/5/20

New Brunswick floodwaters may have made wild edible plants unsafe to eat - 2018/5/16

British Columbia: Warm weather and high snowpack increase flood fears - 2018/5/8

New Brunswick Flood: Municipal drinking water holding up. Private wells at risk - 2018/5/7

NB-EMO warns that Saint John River water levels are forecasted to increase - 2018/4/30

Spring flooding in Québec, Weedon orders evacuation affecting 500 homes - 2018/4/30

Fredericton, NB: Saint John River Leaving its banks affecting homes and transportation - 2018/4/30

Flood Proofing Your Home Made Easier - 2018/4/17

Brantford, ON: Flood Waters Receding, Evacuation Lifted - 2018/2/23

Brantford, ON: State of Emergency due to flood conditions - 2018/2/22




Forest Fires

How climate change is increasing the likelyhood of forest fires- 2018/8/30

How forest fires can impact water quality ans drinking water treatment - 2018/9/7




G7 Summit Charlevoix, QC 2018

G7: Oceans blueprint and plastics charter need domestic policy and regualtion - 2018/6/12

G7: Council of Canadians seeks to send message that this should be the last summit of its kind - 2018/6/9

G7: Much to talk about as to oceans, seas and coastal commnunities - 2018/6/9

G7: Discussions on coastal health and plastics charter made difficult in current political climate - 2018/6/8

G7: Canada to sign plastics ban at summit - 2018/6/7

G7: Watertoday at the G7 Summit - 2018/6/5

G7: Germany, water-rich with regulations to maintain high quality - 2018/6/5



Québec's little known and never used rain making law - 2018/1/29


Great Lakes

Lake Erie granted legal rights : a first in U.S. History- 2017/4/14


Greening Government

A look at carbon neutral plans for the Meighen Building in TorontoToronto -2018/12/28

CBC/Radio-Canada relases 10th anniversary environmental progress report, water and energy consumption down -2018/11/9

Greening Transportation

uberÉLECTRIQUE aims to transform urban ride-sharing - 2018/6/29






Holiday Water Reports


Holiday Water Report 2018 - Monitoring recreational water in Canada - 2018/7/5

Holiday Water Report 2018 - Water in Nova Scotia Parks - 2018/5/31

Holiday Water Report 2018 - Saskatchewan Parks Looking to Provide Safe Drinking Water in all of its Parks - 2018/5/31

Holiday Water Report 2018 - No potable water issues in New Brunswick sixtgeen provincial parks -2018/05/26

Holiday Water Report 2018 - BC Parks on top of drinking water in over 600 provincial parks -2018/05/26

Holiday Water Report 2018 ; Parks Canadda saw record numbers in 2017, looks forward to welcoming families this year -2018/05/24




Invasive species

Preventing an invasive species from 'musseling' in - 2018/6/19











Legionnaires Disease

Water Supply Switch Found To be Cause of Flint Michigan Legionnaires Disease Outbreak - 2018/2/7




Medical & Recreational Marijuana

Growing marijuana under Canada's new recreational laws - 2018/9/13

New recreational marijuana laws in the Maritimes - 2018/9/10






When home sweet home turns toxic - 2019/1/1

Watch for excess moisture indoors, clean mould carefully - 2018/12/31

Where there is water there will be mould - 2018/12/23


Municipal Infrastructure

Montreal wastewater/stormwater infrastructure typical of older large cities - 2018/9/12

Lewisporte, NL: Residents to get improved water services - 2018/7/31

Canadian Government anounces funding for green infrastructure - 2018/8/15

Toronto, ON: New online tools allows Torontonians to view water usage data anytime, anywhere - 2018/7/13

St. John's, NL: Major investments in water wastewater infrastructure improvements - 2018/7/4

388 Québec municipalities call on provincial government for greater protection of drinking water - 2018/3/26

Hard Water Proving To Be Big Problem For City of Saint John, NB - 2018/2/14

Montréal to develop best practices and and technical expertise with new water system training centre, QC - 2018/2/13

BC Initiative Looks to Nature to Solve Infrastructure Issues and Lower Costs - 2018/1/11



Ontario Environment Commissioner Highly Critical of Government Response to Pollution in First Nations Territories - 2018/7/23



State of the world fisheries report highlights abandoned fishing gear as major problem - 2018/6/26


Oil & Chemical Spills

BP reseumes drilling off the coast of Nova Scotia after drilling mud spill - 2018/7/26

BP spills drilling fluid off coast of Nova Scotia - 2018/6/26

Sept-Îles, QC: Iron ore-contaminated water spills into bay - 2018/6/7

Lévis, QC: Liberian tanker not the source of fule leak - 2018/5/11

Lévis, QC: Small fuel leak in St Lawrence River - 2018/4/26


Persistent Organic Contaminants

Calgon Carbon Leads the Fight Against PFOs in Water - 2018/03/14







Environment Minister comments on Northern Pulp effluent pipeline 2018/7/12

Pictou, NS: Hundreds gather for land and sea rally against Northern Pulp's effluent pipeline -2018/7/6

Antigonish, NS: Citizens protest against Trudeau decision to buy pipeline -2018/06/5



Clean up of great Pacific garbage patch to begin in October - 2018/9/13

City of Rotterdam uses plastic to make floating island garden - 2018/8/28

Plastic Whale Company cleaning plastic out of Amsterdam canals - 2018/8/13



Québec Election 2018 - 2018/9/17

Québec Election 2018 - Water security of fundamental importance for Québec solidaire - 2018/9/17

Québec Election 2018 - Parti vert du Québec presenting a greener vision with a focus on water protection - 2018/9/27

Québec Election 2018 - Parti Libéral du Québec, protection of province's water anchored by 12-year strategy - 2018/9/29

Québec Election 2018 - It comes down to the people's decision- 2018/10/1




Edmonton, AB: Borden natural swimming pool, first of its kind in Canada - 2018/7/26  









Renewable Energy

Making sense of the end of cap and trade in Ontario-2018/7/19

New government program makes solar more affordable for Nova Scotia homes -2018/7/4

Maritime Link completed but overcost and environmental questions remain -2018/7/2

Canadian government makes waves with energy production announcements -2018/6/11

Launch of controversial natural gas storage facility postponed in Stewiacke, NS - 2018/5/10

Antigonish: Nova Scotia Cooperative makes buying solar panels more affordable-2018/5/4

Burlington, Vermont: A city on 100% Renewables, Lessons for Other Major Cities -2018/3/19






Speak to your audience, an artistic approach to sharing scientific information - 2018/8/17





Sea Level Rise

Nova Scotia holding public consultation to create legislation that will protect its coastlines - 2018/7/28




Italian Space Agency team presents evidence of subglacial liquid water on Mars - 2018/8/1




Eternal Reefs creates living memorials that promote ocean health - 2018/8/8

How sustainable death practices are making funerals greener - 2018/8/8

Sustainability meets humanitarion work - The reforestation of the Minawao Refugee camp - 2018/5/9




The 'Internet of Things" and Medecine Hat fire hydrants- 2018/6/21

Swarmdiver™Not Just For Military, Can Be Beneficial For Scientific Research - 2018/4/13



Titanic survey postponed to June 2019 - 2018/1/30

Newfoundland Company Will Be First to Take 4K Images of Titanic - 2018/1/30

Trans-boundary Water

Negotiating the Modernization of the Columbia River Treaty - 2018/1/19








Over 8 million gallons of untreated wastewater released into lower Niagara River - 2018/9/2

Lunenburg, NS threatened by ongoing fecal bacteria problem in harbour - 2018/7/23

Hamilton, ON: Malfucntion causes sewage to leak in Chedoke Creek - 2018/7/20

Fiften years of lobbying and 'flushability' still not standardized - 2018/6/20


Water Regulation

Alberta Environment and Parks Attempts to Clear up Water Applications Backlog at Expense of Unknowing Ranchers - 2018/2/28

Changes Are Coming to Fisheries Act - 2018/2/24


Water Resources

Winnipeg hosting annual Western Canada Water Conference 2018/6/5

Ninth Annual Water Summit starts in mid-June in Vancouver 2018/5/22


Water Security



Forming advisory group a priority for Muskoka Watershed Conservation Initiative- 2018/9/4

Muskoka Lakes Watershed receives $5 million investment from Ontario Government for watershed management initiative- 2018/8/27




Canadian wetlands management under international scrutiny- 2018/12/5







Year End Water Advisory Review

National Overview: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: 2016-2017 Comparative - 2018/1/1

Newfoundland and Labrador: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Third in Canada, First in Maritimes -2018/1/1

Nova Scotia: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Nova Scotia, Canada's Ocean Playground Ranks Fifth in Country, Second in Region - 2018/1/1

New Brunswick: Water Advisory year End Review 2017: New Brunswick: Advisory Numbers Up This Year, Province Still Maintains Lowest Reported Numbers in Canada - 2018/1/1

Québec: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Qué, Fourth Most Advisories in Canada in 2017, Down From Second in 2016 - 2018/1/1

Ontario: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Ontario Maintains Sixth Position in 2017 - 2018/1/1

Manitoba: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Manitoba Maintains Seventh Position - 2018/1/1

Saskatchewan: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Saskatchewan, Most Water Advisories in Canada - 2018/1/1

Alberta: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: Alberta, Relatively Few Water Advisories - 2018/1/1

British Columbia: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: British Columbia, Second Most Water Advisories in the Country - 2018/1/1

The North: Water Advisory Year End Review 2017: The North - 2018/1/1



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